Success Factors

More than 105 years of expertise in manufacturing concrete products
Our expertise stems from making products from sand, gravel, water and cement that can be used above and below ground level and that have been developed for decades of use: sewage pipes, large containers for road construction, walls, beams and supports for buildings and structural construction, as well as many more items. While the majority of our elements remain more or less the same over many years, we are developing our products on a continual basis.

Our will to create new elements, readiness to further develop our company and expertise and courage to make decisions have helped us position ourselves on a geographically wider and structurally flexible base.

Customer proximity and market leadership
SW Umwelttechnik is a market leader in many of its segments and aims to further develop its market position. Our extensive salesforce ensures individual customer care and technical assistance for all requests. Our excellent market position is based on long-term partnerships, high product quality and flexible product adaptations.

We cater for the market with nine production sites in Austria, Hungary and Romania, all in direct proximity to strategic partners, such as construction companies, construction material retailers, energy providers and state road and railway companies. These partnerships are the essence of our market leadership.

Corporate culture and cross-border knowledge transfer
SW Umwelttechnik is extremely focused on its employees. Local management ensures deep roots in our markets. New managers are trained via coaching and leadership and introduced to our corporate culture, which in turn is influenced by them and their teams. Our corporate culture is based on Austrian values and lived and shaped by our staff without isolating itself from local influences. This intercultural respect provides the basis for mutual trust and successful business operations across different cultural regions.  

We promote cross-border knowledge transfer from west to east and vice versa. This enables us to supply our customers at all our sites at the same level of quality.