We follow a strategy oriented to long-term growth: the development and expansion of infrastructure for the environmentally friendly use of resources is a necessity, as well as being supported financially by the EU, and ensures market potential for many years to come. Flexibility has also gained in importance, given increasingly volatile markets.

We develop goals and key benchmarks as part of our business plan and achieve them on a consistent basis: sustainable and profitable growth has to be based primarily on product optimisation and the full utilisation of our manufacturing capacities. Acquisitions and strategic partnerships are only targeted under optimal conditions and if they contribute to the expansion of our customer relationships, market regions, key competences or product portfolio. Short- and medium-term goals are only defined subject to the current business environment. 

We utilise growth in Central and Southeast Europe
EU guidelines on infrastructure development and improvements to environmental protection have created long-term demand for our products used in civil engineering. Considerable investment in the development of sewer networks and wastewater treatment systems is still required – most notably in Hungary and Romania. The EU is providing the financial means necessary to achieve these goals in the current funding period, which runs from 2014 to 2020.

We concentrate on water protection and infrastructure
The water protection and infrastructure segments offer SW Umwelttechnik growth potential in different fields and enables the company to spread its risk – an important factor given the market volatility we are currently operating in.

We are among the Top 3 providers in profitable market segments
A strong market position has helped us be accepted by all the relevant market players and all the key planning offices, construction companies, relevant authorities and communal, industrial, as well as private end customers. We have reached this critical mass in all the segments we operate in and act as a leader in terms of costs and quality, thanks to our investment in cutting-edge facilities