About us

The family company SW Umwelttechnik Stoiser & Wolschner AG was founded in Klagenfurt in 1910 and has been listed at the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1997. The company has been developing and producing precast concrete elements used in infrastructure construction above and below ground level –  for over 105 years in Austria, 25 years in Hungary and 15 years in Romania. SW pipes connect households with water treatment systems instead of letting wastewater seep into the ground. SW structural elements provide people rooves over their heads and turn mere spaces into work places. SW water protection systems collect and filter wastewater, thus, protecting the surrounding environment.

We improve a location’s attractiveness and quality of life in Austria and CEE with projects spanning from underground and road construction to structural engineering and residential building.

The company supports the environmentally friendly use of local bodies of water and contributes to environmental protection, thanks to its durable, long-life products. Smart site selection enables us to cover demand at a local level and keep transport routes short. Our modern production sites, wide range of products and specific know-how of regional markets make SW Umwelttechnik a market leader in many different segments.