SW Umwelttechnik has focussed its activities on sustainable operations since its foundation in 1910. We have been aiming to achieve a better balance between ecological and economical thinking from way before environmental protection became a general topic of interest. Sustainability is a process, which encompasses commitment for ecological, economical and social thinking in equal measures.

Long-term improvements through innovations
Apart from adhering to all legally required norms, SW Umwelttechnik creates innovative solutions that aim to improve all three areas in the long-term. Our sustainability report supports this process. Valuable preliminary work has already been achieved in 2002 by compiling an environmental cost evaluation with the help of the Institute for Ecological Economy Research (Dr. Jasch). The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines were adhered to also for this report.

Sustainability report
Our sustainability report aims to have an internal impact by engaging our employees and thus providing them with a new sensitisation on the one hand. On the other hand we also want to positively influence the external environment – so public opinion. SW Umwelttechnik wants to play an active part in communication and takes its stakeholders seriously.

SW Umwelttechnik in accord with the society and the environment
The aim of sustainability is simple: to keep the environment and the society in balance and to not destabilise this balance through our actions. Long-term competitive added value in production as well as a fair distribution of resources and healthy working conditions are a priority.