Social aspects

Fair business practices
Fair business practices and integrity are at the roots of conducting company business. Creating awareness among our staff members and providing them with information on how to prevent and fight corruption is a high priority at SW Umwelttechnik. Our company had no recorded cases of corruption since years and none of our business locations has shown any significant corruption risks.

SW Umwelttechnik acts in line with local laws and regulations and has not been obliged to pay any significant fines regarding the provision and use of products or failure to comply with local laws. We also expect our business partners to comply with fair business practices.

The composition of the supervisory bodies can be found in our Corporate Governance Report.

The management of SW Umwelttechnik has committed itself to social responsibility, exemplifies sustainable activities and promotes this at all levels. As a result, we follow all laws and, with very few exceptions, all Corporate Governance rules, complemented by our Code of Conduct. Thus, we keep our company risks, which we re-assess and re-evaluate on a regular basis, to a minimum. We see mistakes and difficulties as a chance to identify risks and use them as an opportunity for improvement. Feedback and complaints also play an important role in this.

We know our stakeholders and their expectations, are committed to high transparency levels and aim for open, cooperative dialogue.

Staff members

Office staff and industrial workers are interested in a safe workplace with a positive climate. We support our staff with targeted further training, regular information transfer and modern leadership techniques.

Shareholders and owners

Our responsible and future-oriented company management is designed to ensure long-term, profitable investment. We seek dialogue and are committed to transparent and comprehensive communications. The direct earnings and dividends generated and distributed can be found in the Group Annex.


We are known for personal customer care and individual problem solutions. Additionally, we guarantee the quality of our products even after the warranty period has expired. We survey customer satisfaction on a regular basis as part of our continuous, direct information exchange with our customers.


We aim at fair and transparent business relationships and have committed ourselves to the appropriate conduct.

Government and society

Companies are expected to create sustainable workplaces, environmentally friendly products, pay their taxes and social security contributions, adhere to laws and regulations and make positive contributions to infrastructure. We meet all these requirements and maintain an open, constructive dialogue. We reject bribes and corruption and create awareness for this problem among our employees.