Environmental Management

We try and close material cycles in our production on a continuous basis as part of our sustainable environmental policy. Our cutting-edge production plants are already characterised by high profitability, which we try to boost even more by reducing by-products. After all, the efficient use of energy and resources is a clear economic advantage, in addition to environmental protection. Thus, our plants comply with both economic and ecologic requirements.

Regular testing of environmentally relevant data
High-performance, environmental management is essential to implement our environmental policies consistently and further develop the ecological standards that have been already reached. As a result, we set ourselves environmental targets in addition to meeting legal obligations, in order to optimise processes in regards to sustainability. SW Umwelttechnik follows the energy management system ISO 50001, for example, which requires the following:

  • Assurance and evidence of environmentally friendly system operation
  • Overview of the situation with regards to environmental laws and reliable compliance with the relevant laws and decisions (Legal Compliance)
  • Cooperative dialogue with authorities
  • Minimising waste and simultaneous reduction of waste disposal costs
  • Efficiency and safety in production
  • Reduced use of resources (water, energy) and reduction of emissions

The management team is responsible for enforcing and maintaining this system and ensures that the following activities are carried out:

  • Defining and implementing the company’s environmental policies
  • Verifying whether the specified environmental targets have been met
  • Defining structure and process organisation
  • Delegating tasks to competent staff members
  • Periodic effectiveness assessment of the environmental management system