Investor Relations

Our Investor Relations target is to fulfill the expectations of the capital markets in terms of transparency and provide a true and proper company image to our shareholders (True and Fair View).

We understand Investor Relations not only as an obligation to inform our owners openly about their company, but also as a chance to attract new investors from Austria and abroad. As a result, we are working on the transparency of our business to enable the accurate valuation of our stock. We are committed to value-oriented, responsible and transparent management and have been acting in line with the principles of the Austrian Corporate Governance Code -- which sets strict standards in terms of management, supervision and transparency -- since 2004.  

The Emission Compliance Regulation provided by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) requires the simultaneous and content-identical forwarding of notifications. SW Umwelttechnik follows these requirements on a consistent basis. Current and stock-price relevant information on our company is passed on to analysts, investors and the press simultaneously. In parallel, we also put this information on our website to provide equal access to information to our private shareholders